Our story:

honey run granola

It all started back in 2014 in a restaurant kitchen in Hollywood where Sarah was the pastry chef. She got to work at 5am, and the simple carbs of a breakfast pastry (or two or...) just did not keep this hard-working baker going. So she created a granola recipe with an impractical amount of nuts and seeds baked in a honey and brown butter glaze. It was totally satisfying and completely irresistible. Customers and staff alike swooned for this classic recipe, and as the Third Wave coffee movement swept across LA, this Honey Run granola began showing up atop parfaits at the coolest coffee shops in town.

Getting better all the time:

The abundance of fresh produce and year-round farmers' markets in California really makes you think about the origin of your ingredients. As business grew, we took a closer look at where our ingredients came from. We ditched store-bought honey for unfiltered wildflower honey from the hills of nearby Altadena. We partnered with a family-owned sugar shack in Sarah's home state of PA for their phenomenal organic single-origin maple syrup. We switched to organic oats and use organic ingredients whenever we can. We're always looking for ways to add value to our delicious recipes. Check out our Ingredients page for more info on our sources.

Freshly baked by our excellent team:Bearclaw team

We continue to bake our products in-house for the best quality every step of the way. Baking is our passion, and we have built a team of exceptional bakers who care about making a well-crafted product. And as we've heard time and time again, you can taste the freshness in every bite.

You are our inspiration:

Over the years, we've tailored new products to the needs of our customers and now have a wonderful variety of options. Maple Way was created for our vegan friends. The granola bars were requested by coffee shop owners who wanted a nutrient-rich grab-and-go option. We never thought we would make something as trendy as grain-free granola, but our Coconut Grove has been a huge hit among people who avoid oats--and quite a few who just simply love the flavor. Have an idea for a new product? Tell us HERE!